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Ziksan is the English adaptation of the Sanskrit word implying ‘art of learning’

Ziksan consulting
Advisory, Assurance and acquisitions

Ziksan is an initiative resulted from the confluence of intellectuals, professionals and thought leaders from various streams.

The intent was to leverage on individual cross sector, global experience and expertise in the domains of IT, InfoSec, PR, Business Consulting, Project finance, HR and Sociology and consequently value add to our global community.

Our mission is to ‘be the growth catalyst’ and achieve our vision of ‘involved with evolving a secure, harmoniously balanced segments of corporate world and society at large’. Our pursuit is to ‘use the age old fundamentals of theology and map the same to applied sciences and solutions for betterment of human society’

Our Data Governance  services are poised to deliver a balance between the triad of efficiency, information security and compliance management to enhance effective utilization of information assets and fuel business growth.

Our Macro Management Consulting (proprietary model) services is aimed at offering a holistic approach to ensure that people, resource and opportunity management are balanced to achieve effective and efficient attainment of ‘the vision of thought leaders’

Our IT Advisory services are modelled to ensure that the bridge between business leaders and IT Solutions is effectively and efficiently build.

Our Research Initiatives have attained key milestones by rolling out proprietary (patent pending) frameworks like IM 18 that serve as the unique delivery frameworks to add the Z factor to our network. We welcome participation of like-minded individuals and constructive feedback.

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E-mail: rajesh@ziksan.com